Publishing house “Iuliu Hațieganu”

“Iuliu Hațieganu” Publishing House

The Publishing House was founded in 1998 and operates within the ″Iuliu Hațieganu″ University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, being a self-financing unit. The publishing house is recognised by CNCSIS and is assigned ISBN, ISSN and CIP. The ″Iuliu Hațieganu″ University Medical Publishing House has published over 500 specialist book titles and 8 new medical journal titles.

The publishing house’s activity is primarily addressed to the academic and scientific medical life and consists of publishing and printing works necessary for teaching, promotion of scientific knowledge and for third parties.

The areas of publishing and printing include university courses, textbooks, handbooks and guides to medical practice, brochures, scientific journals, monographs and treatises.


Scientific Prorector
Prof. Dr. Mihaela Băciuț

Honorary Director
Prof. Dr. Dan-Lucian Dumitrașcu

Vice-Deans in charge of Didactic Activity
Conf. Dr. Ioana-Corina Bocșan (Medicine)
Prof. Dr. Smaranda Dafina Oniga (Pharmacy)
Conf. Dr. Patricia Ondine Lucaciu (Dental Medicine)


Publishing Director
Cristina Ungur
Tel. 0264597256 ext. 2212

Livia Lupea
33 Moților Street
Tel/Fax: +40-264-596089



The request for publication is based on an application form. The completed application, accompanied by two book reviews by two referees, must be submitted to the University Registrar’s Office (8 Victor Babes Street) and approved by the Publishing Director and the Editorial Board. Once the application has been approved, the publisher will contact the author (by email or telephone) to discuss the next steps (filling in the CIP form, sending the title page of the book, etc.).

The conditions for the writing of student courses financed by the University have been established by the Resolution of the Senate Bureau no. 11/30.03.2010 and are as follows:

  • Number of pages: maximum 8 pages of text/effective course hour. Tables, figures, graphs are calculated additionally, they are not included in the 8 pages limit.
  • Text layout: 12 point font, paragraph spacing 1 line, page margins 2 cm.
  • Color pages are not accepted for printing. All color images must be attached to the manual in electronic format (CD-ROM).

For technical details concerning the appearance of publications, please contact the publisher.


Producing a book is a complex and lengthy process, so each stage must be treated with the utmost care. In addition to the accuracy of information and typesetting, proofreading is equally important and demanding, requiring concentration and attention.

As such, please do not neglect grammatical correctness, spelling and punctuation, but especially diacritics (we do not receive manuscripts without diacritics). It is the responsibility of the author or book coordinator to submit the manuscript to the publisher in the correct form. Failure to do so will delay the process of assigning the ISBN code, obtaining the CIP description and thus publication, and may delay the publication of the book by 2-4 weeks.

The application and the CIP Form can be downloaded from the attachment