Residency is the form of postgraduate training offered to graduates of the faculties of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy to obtain a medical or pharmaceutical specialty. The duration of residency varies, depending on the specialty, from 3 to 7 years.

Admission to the residency is by competitive examination organised by the Ministry of Health, which determines the date of the examination, the conditions for registration for the examination, the documents required for registration, the subject matter, the bibliography, etc.

Through its teaching staff and university clinics, UMF “Iuliu Hațieganu” is deeply involved in residency training, an activity that occupies an important position among its objectives.

In recent years, graduates of our university have placed in the highest positions in the national residency entrance exam. Similarly, the specialist doctors trained in clinics in Cluj are appreciated both in the country and in medical services abroad.

The specialisation offer includes practically all the specialities in the current nomenclature of the Ministry of Health.

The National Residency Exam is a defining moment for graduates of medical and pharmaceutical education. Most of them, as well as graduates from other medical universities in the country, return to their Alma Mater to complete the residency training cycle. The university currently employs around 3.800 residents.



Prof. dr. Nicolae Crișan
Phone: 0374-834102, 0264-597256, int. 2102


Secretariat – e-mail:

Roxana Incze ( romanian residents )
Phone: 0374-834237, 0264-597256, int. 2237

Simona Iclozan (foreign residents)
Phone: 0374-834112, 0264-597256, int. 2112


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Monday – Thursday, between 11:00 and 15:00

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