Postgraduate courses

Continuing medical education is one of the forms of postgraduate medical and pharmaceutical education that ensures the development of the level of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to increase the quality of medical care and the level of performance in the field.

Continuing medical education is organized by the Romanian Colleges of Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists, in collaboration with our university and coordinated by the Ministry of Health.

Continuing Medical Education is conducted in the form of refresher courses that are credited with Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours.

The organisation and efficient honouring of continuing medical education activities offered to doctors of all specialities is a chapter to which the university attaches particular importance.

The educational offer is valid for one academic year and is constantly enriched according to the requests of our colleagues, who work in the most diverse medical institutions.

Courses leading to the award of certificates of complementary studies are a form of postgraduate training in technical, diagnostic or therapeutic fields, complementary to medical-pharmaceutical specialities.

The certificate of complementary studies is obtained only by specialist or primary care physicians or pharmacists after completing a training programme approved by the Ministry of Health and passing the final examination.

Registration for the certificate training courses and the actual training is carried out by the university and the Ministry of Health organises the certificate examinations and issues the certificates of completion.

The postgraduate education offer is updated annually.



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