International Students Department

Lecturer dr. Cosmin CARAIANI

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” in Cluj-Napoca is the university with the largest number of international students in Romania. As a main component of the university’s openness, international students play an important role in improving the university’s visibility. The constant annual increase in the number of international candidates interested in the educational offer of our university is a reality and a proof of the quality of medical education.

The International Students Department is the structure that deals with admission to studies by assessing the academic performance and personal achievements of international candidates and the enrolment of those admitted to the first year of studies.

The department provides information on the methodology for admission of international students, master’s students and residents to the first year of study. The department’s team receives, checks, registers and centralises complete application files.

After admission, the department team issues certificates attesting student status, required by the General Inspectorate for Immigration Cluj and other certificates requested by students.

The department team ensures the operational correspondence with the Ministry of Education, Embassies/Consulates and the General Inspectorate for Immigration Cluj regarding the enrolment of international students in the university and ensures good cooperation with the other departments of the university.


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Contact information:

Address: Gh. Marinescu Street, no. 23, room 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Phone: +40-371-789159

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 11 AM to 3 PM


International Students Department Team

  • Head of Department: Lecturer dr. Cosmin CARAIANI
  • Head of office: Cornelia IACOB – +40374834207
  • Secretaries
    Casandra PUGNA – +40374834167
    Monica COPOȚ – +40371789159
    Alexandra JARDINE – +40374834429