Why UMF Cluj ?

Studying at our university means learning from the best: teaching in our study programs is carried out by top international academics. The wide range of subjects taught at the university gives our students the chance to take an interdisciplinary approach to their studies.

The medical and pharmaceutical education system in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” is student-centred and is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to graduate:- to exercise their profession based on the values taken up and passed on by the medical school of Cluj;
– validate their value through their personal contribution to improve health in the local, regional, national or international community;
– be able to use their knowledge and skills and develop team spirit in complex situations;
– to gain patients’ trust and respect through professionalism, attitude and human quality;
– to participate through innovation and creativity in the development of fundamental knowledge and technological advances leading to the
advancement of science, medical and pharmaceutical art;
– to ensure critical appropriation of the novelty through continuing medical education.

All degrees awarded by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” are automatically recognised throughout the European Union, based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), which gives our graduates the advantage of integration into the labour market and allows them to easily adapt in various health systems, public or private.

The modern, student-centred curriculum, adapted to European models, aims to personalise professional development according
to each student’s skills and aspirations.
The assessment of students, from the current checks to the licensing exam, takes into account both the theoretical and practical aspects. The
applied nature of our teaching system is an additional asset to our vision of training future health specialists.

Other important issues:
– the teaching team is young and efficient
– there is a partnership relationship between teaching staff and students
– teaching is done through Problem-based learning (PBL) method, in small groups of students
– performance scholarships are awarded to international students

The fundamental disciplines are carried out in specific bases and the clinical education takes place in renowned hospitals in Cluj. Thus, from the third year onwards, students are trained in prestigious university clinics, where they come into direct contact with patients.

Cluj-Napoca multicultural university centre – city of young people

  • the largest city in Transylvania and the second largest city in Romania in terms of population, importance and economic development
  • multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational city with approximately 450,000 inhabitants
  • major university centre, 8 universities, 60,000 students including 5,000 international students
  • ranked in 2020 as the safest city in Romania and 13th safest city in the world, affordable living costs
  • a dynamic city with an elevated spiritual and cultural life, but at the same time tumultuous and attractive for any student
  • City of festivals: Transilvania International Film Festival TIFF, Untold, Electric Castle, Jazz in the Park, Comedy Cluj, The Musical Autumn in Cluj, Transilvania Jazz Festival

Cluj-Napoca is the city that offers everything:

  • high quality education in a renowned and internationally acclaimed academic environment
  • prestigious cultural and scientific events
  • dynamic, young, welcoming community
  • a historical and cultural heritage of great value, accessible both within the city and throughout Transylvania

Cluj-Napoca is for those who want their student years to be memorable!