Bookshop “Victor Papilian”

Our mission is to provide books, school supplies, and other life-related products and services to the academic community, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the university at affordable prices and at the quality that characterizes UMFIH’s culture of excellence and integrity.

Our aim is to make a significant contribution to meeting the intellectual and belonging needs of the university community. It is a priority for us to support the academic environment of the University, to offer quality services and products, thus satisfying various needs of our community.

We will fulfill our mission by:
– Dedicated and well-trained employees, aware of the community’s needs
– Showing respect to buy you
– Keeping the facility clean, safe and accessible
– Running a profitable business with high quality merchandise at reasonable prices
– Fostering a positive working relationship with the entire university community.

We believe that:
– working together as a team, we achieve both personally and professionally
– it is important to proudly promote the brand of our University
– we appreciate the diversity of people and cultures and believe that a diversity of ideas and values ​​should be promoted and supported
– every customer deserves a positive experience
– by offering excellent services to our customers, we will build lasting relationships with them
– it is necessary to continuously invest in the bookstore through innovative branding of articles
– it is important to be present with a product stand at all events on medical topics in our city
– it is necessary to be organizers of medical book launches and organizers of seminars, conferences within book fairs.

The bookshop of the “Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy was inaugurated in the academic year 2010/2011. It bears the name of Professor Victor Papilian (1888-1956), founder of the School of Human Anatomy, Embryology and Anthropology, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Cluj (1930/1931; 1940/1944). A complex and multilateral personality, author of several reference textbooks and treatises, Victor Papilian also distinguished himself in literature by publishing short stories, novels and theatre plays. An animator of cultural and artistic life, Victor Papilian was director of the Romanian Opera in Cluj, director of the National Theatre in Cluj and president of the Society of Writers of Transylvania.

The “Victor Papilian” bookshop is also a shop selling didactic and promotional materials. Currently, books can be purchased on-site (loco) at the UMF Bookshop, but also online at, which was inaugurated in 2022.

The Publishing House and the Bookshop are constantly striving to fulfil orders in a timely manner and to configure the package of books and courses according to bibliography, faculty, profile, year, series and teaching semester.

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
on the last working day of the month – CLOSED


8 Victor Babes St.
Cluj-Napoca, Jud. Cluj
Code 400012


Phone: 0374834926