Word of the Dean

Situated in the heart of Transylvania, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the “Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca is a provider of undergraduate, masters’, residency and doctoral education programmes.

The undergraduate programme has two specialisations: Pharmacy (300 ECTS credits, 5 years) and Nutrition-Dietetics (180 ECTS credits, 3 years). The Pharmacy education programme is ARACIS-accredited in three languages: Romanian, French and English. It includes a large number of international students who found their second families here, as the intercultural exchanges are part of the students’ associations projects.

There are three masters’ programmes for all owners of an undergraduate degree, out of which four are in Romanian (Cosmetology, Pharmacovigilance: Drug Safety Monitoring, Drug and Environmental Toxicology, Nutrition and Quality of Life) and one in English (Pharmaceutical Industry).

All undergraduate and masters’ programmes are ARACIS-accredited.

The residency programmes include four specialisations for the Pharmacy graduates: Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Clinical Pharmaceutics, General Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutic and Cosmetic Industries. All residency programmes are of 3 years and are taught in Romanian.

The doctoral school has 21 active PhD supervisors.

The Cluj-Napoca Faculty of Pharmacy trains real pharmacy professionals, through its curriculum that provides the students with the theoretical knowledge, as well as their practical, professional and transversal abilities they need.

Our teaching staff was trained by the oldest school of pharmacy in Transylvania and is always open for everything new, modern, as well as for collaborations with other European or international schools of pharmacy. We strive to instill in our students the love for our profession, a profession that is and has always been an art, supported by the effort of helping others.

We have high hopes for our students, the seeds of our future.

We invite you to discover all of this as partners of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the “Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy!

Professor Gianina Cristina CRIȘAN Pharm., PhD