The Faculty of Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca is one of the faculties with tradition in Romania. Higher pharmaceutical education started in Cluj-Napoca in 1872, but was recognized as independent faculty only in 1948.

Since its foundation, the quality of the process of learning was always a topic of interest. The curriculum has been restructured in order to better fulfil the needs of the future pharmacists. A new infrastructure has been developed so that the students have access to modern laboratories and facilities. The education system is compliant to the European guidelines, as it has a similar curricula and the European transferable credit system (ECTS) as a basis of international mobility.

Following a continuously increasing number of requests coming from students who wish to study in French or English, French Licence degrees were introduced in 2000 followed by an English studying programme in 2012. The first 3 years are taught exclusively in French or English, while in the last 2 years the classes are taught in Romanian, in order to prepare the students for the internship in pharmacy they have to complete at the end of their studies.

The very well prepared teachers, the dynamism, the superiority of teaching and research, the possibility of taking part in European cooperation programmes via the foreign scholarships at famous universities throughout Europe and the easiness of integration in the Romanian or foreign labour market are only a few reasons to choose the Faculty of Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca to train as a professional in the pharmaceutical field.