Faculty Council Committees

The Committees  of the Council of the Faculty of Medicine


Commission for teaching and human resources development

President: Vicedean Associate Prof. Ioana Corina Bocșan  MD, Ph.D.


Prof. Dana Fodor MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Simona Rednic  MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Vasile Marcel Tanțău MD, Ph.D.

Associate Prof. Doinița Crișan MD, Ph.D.

Student George Daniel Cuc

Student Robert Popa


Commission for scientific research

President: Vicedean Prof. Simona Valeria Clichici  MD, Ph.D.


Prof. Gabriela Adriana Filip MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Dana Pop MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Ioan Ștefan Florian MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Andrada Seicean MD, Ph.D.

Student Vlad Răzniceanu

Student Maria Magdalena Cepoi


Commission for quality assessment and assurance

President: Vicedean Prof. Olga Hilda Orășan  MD, Ph.D.


Prof. Anca Simona Bojan MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Adrian Lucian Baican MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Dana Aurora Eniu MD, Ph.D.

Associate Prof. Răzvan Ciortea MD, Ph.D.

Student Maria Cristina Simian

Student Vlad Lazăr


Commission for financial resources management, regulation and relationship with students

President: Vicedean Associate Prof. Armand Gabriel Râjnoveanu  MD, Ph.D.


Prof. George Călin Dindelegan MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Claudia Diana Gherman MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Constantin Bodolea MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Călin Ioan Căinap MD, Ph.D.

Student Ștefania Victoria Schipor

Student Sebastian Romeo Pintilie


Commission for programmes in foreign languages, international cooperation and promotion of study programmes

President: Vicedean Associate Prof. Călin Homorodean  MD, Ph.D.


Prof. Mihaela Sorina Lupșe MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Ion Cosmin Puia MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Romeo Ioan Chira MD, Ph.D.

Prof. Patriciu Andrei Achimaș- Cădariu MD, Ph.D.

Student Darius Ștefan Amarie

Student Rareș Vasiliu