A) Undergraduate programmes 

Undergraduate degree programmes

  • Dental Medicine – a 6-year programme taught in Romanian, English and French. Graduates become dentists and have the right to practice in the field of general dentistry. (360 ECTS credits)
  • Dental Technology – a 3-year programme, taught in Romanian. Graduates become licensed dental technicians and have the right to practice as such. (180 ECTS credits)


B) Postgraduate programmes 

Master’s degree

There is a master’s degree program within the Faculty of Dental Medicine, 2 years and 120 ECTS. Title: Forensic Dental Medicine.

Doctoral Degree – PhD

PhD  in Dental Medicine is organized by the Doctoral School of the University


C) Training of specialists in the medical field

Multiple specialisations. The graduates of residency programs will become specialist physicians in dental medicine: orthodontics, periodontics, prosthetic dentistry, endodontics, pedodontics, general dentistry, surgical specialities. Postgraduate residency programmes (3-5 years).


D) Postgraduate continuing medical education programmes
With its modern endowments and exceptional specialists, the Faculty of Dental Medicine organises practical and theoretical programmes of continuing medical education in all the fields of dental medicine.