Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine!


Dear students,


Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine!


The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hațieganu, the Faculty of Medicine and the Medical Students Organization is inviting you to participate between the 26th and 29th of September to Freshman’s Week. Please find attached this week’s schedule.

Through all the activities seen in this program we want to offer you support to integrate more easily into academic life.

In addition, you will have the first courses and seminars in the Ethics and Academic Integrity discipline. Medical professionalism. For the latter, attendance is mandatory.

To be able to participate in this event, those of you who benefit from a place in the university dormitories, can stay starting from Monday the 25th of September at 8:00 AM.

We look forward to seeing all of you!



Prof. dr. Șoimiţa Suciu